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Born Pink World Tour BLACKPINK Takes Over Mexico

Blackpink, one of the biggest girl groups on this planet started their second world tour on October 15, 2022. They began their ongoing Born Pink World Tour in Seoul, South Korea. The tour is set to come to an end on August 26, 2023. With this tour, they are going to visit 21 countries in 4 continents. Starting from Seoul to Paris, Blackpink is ruling worldwide with this ongoing world tour. To check the born pink world tour schedule scroll down.

Born Pink World Tour in Mexico City For The First Time

As Blackpink promised fans additional shows, they announced four new shows for the Asia tour in Singapore, Macau, and Kaohsiung. It was also announced through Instagram that they will be touring in Mexico City for the first time.

Upon this announcement, Mexico Blinks went crazy and sold out Pre-sale tickets in less than an hour. Foro Sol in Mexico City turned pink with Blackpink’s first tour over there. Blackpink world tour is a smash hit.

Blackpink No. 1 on Global Twitter Trends

Born Pink World Tour

The concert began with The Enchanted Garden VCR and concluded with their iconic song “As If It’s Your Last”. First time in Mexico City and they didn’t disappoint their fans at all. The entire venue was filled with screams and great energy! Just like always, Blackpink topped the Twitter trends with more than 1 million tweets. From the group performances to their solo performance, Blackpink dominated Mexico with its stunning visuals and vibrant energy. Blackpink born pink world tour tickets is available online. Take a look at the born pink world tour schedule below:

Born Pink World Tour Schedule:

April 26, 2023Mexico
May 13, 2023Singapore
May 27, 2023Bangkok (Encore)
May 28, 2023Bangkok (Encore)
June 10, 2023Melbourne
June 11, 2023Melbourne
June 16, 2023Sydney
June 17, 2023Sydney
June 21, 2023Auckland
July 15, 2023Paris (Encore)
August 11, 2023New Jersey (Encore)
August 12, 2023New Jersey (Encore)
August 18, 2023Las Vegas (Encore)
August 22, 2023San Francisco (Encore)
August 26, 2023Los Angeles (Encore)
Born Pink World Tour Schedule

Blackpink Creates History With Born Pink World Tour

Blackpink, the iconic and one of the most popular groups worldwide made history by earning 100 billion won from their world tour. It is said that this huge amount could build two new YG buildings. Blackpink is the revolution! Four girls creating history and smashing records together. Blackpink is truly taking over the music industry with its immaculate skills and lovely personality. All we can say is, Go, Queens!

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