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bts and hybe labels

Fans of BTS known as BTS ARMYs are making headlines for calling out Hybe Labels for the sudden dynamic pricing. Firstly, what is dynamic pricing? Dynamic pricing is the act of changing a product or service’s cost according to changes in the market, specifically by placing a higher price on an item or service when demand is greater. Weverse which is a global platform for K-pop idols to interact with their fans revealed certain changes in their services. They added new membership services to this platform.

It was announced during the Hybe conference call. The New Membership Service includes subtitles on Weverse Live, Weverse DM, and AD Free Live. Some of them also include getting early access to instant-Live Replay and Posts in Artist’s handwriting. BTS ARMYs became furious due to the new changes in the membership services and started criticizing Hybe. Along with ARMYs, Fans of TXT aka MOAs started trending #NoDynamicPricing on Twitter and other social media platforms. Fans of other artists under Hybe Labels are also coming together in support of this as dynamic pricing would affect all of them. Check out this Youtube video for a wider explanation.

BTS ARMYs Immense Love For Their Artists

BTS ARMYs have particularly shown a lot of love for their artists. The singers themselves have talked about having free concerts. The only thing that matters to them and their fans is music. Their music brings comfort to them. Their concerts have always been sold out. BTS Members’ merchandise is always sold out. Their albums and songs are a million sellers. Fans are ready to spend money on their music, merch, and concerts. But, spending money on these new membership services seems ridiculous. BTS ARMYs are reminiscing past days when Bighit Music meant Music and Artists for Healing. The present situation seems to be different.

HYBE’s motto of “We Believe in Music” is suddenly changing to “We Believe in Money.” Music is meant for healing and should be completely kept away from business and politics. Labels should understand and consider fans’ requests and conditions. Artists are because of their fans. BTS is because of ARMYs. What do you think of the new membership services? Let us know in the comment section.

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