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Home » Jungkook Requests Fans To Stop Delivering Food At Home

Jungkook Requests Fans To Stop Delivering Food At Home

BTS jungkook angry

Jungkook of BTS asks fans to stop sending food delivery to his home. On May 4, 2023, Jungkook posted a warning message for the toxic fans who keep sending food to his home. Jungkook is one of the nicest humans on this planet. He has always loved his fans to the core. He always tries to show his love through Weverse Lives and posts various content on youtube. Knowing an artist’s address and sending stuff to him is not acceptable! And this time the fans have touched another limit. Fans have disturbed his private life for a long time. BTS’ Jungkook has informed fans many times to respect his privacy. Jungkook has been very sweet till now but this situation has triggered him the most! As it should. Armys have always said that they are not worth calling fans, they are stalkers. Look at his Weverse message below.

This is not the first time someone tried to invade his privacy. It has been happening for a quite long time which is not okay! Previously a “Sasaeng” (someone who is obsessed with their idols and invades their privacy.) showed up at his gym and Jungkook called them out. Jungkook said in his Weverse Live that “I’m a human too, and ARMYs are also human, of course, you’d be able to understand.” Fans should know their limits and refrain from doing such things. Korean Idols do so much for their fandom and still, some fans treat them like this. Idols are humans as well. Idols deserve to be treated normally and respectfully.

Fans Invading BTS’ Jungkook and Other Member’s Privacy

BTS has been very vocal about the hate they receive on social media. Whether it’s stalking or spreading rumors about them. They have always confronted them without any fear. Every day something new comes up about celebrities. From their bank account details to their house address, everything gets shared on social media. Once Rm, the leader of BTS visited a monk who later on shared their private conversation with the public. The monk shared his private comments regarding BTS’ military enlistment. RM expressed infuriation as the media kept on sharing his private life. The members can’t trust anyone, not even a monk. This is such a sad state.

Whenever they stay at a hotel, the stalkers try to enter their rooms and call them through the landline. The members can live peacefully due to such incidents. They keep feeling as if someone is watching them which is so terrible! Idols give so much love and hope to their fans whereas these stalkers ruin their private life. The company should take strict action against them. Idols have their own life and should be treated respectfully.

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