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TXT Creating History and Reaching Greater Heights

Tomorrow by Together

The 4th Gen. Superstars TXT are creating history with their music and stage-breaking performances! With each comeback, the five members are getting better than ever. It is rightly said that you cannot resist the temptation of TXT. Tomorrow by Together also known as TXT was formed under Bighit Entertainment. They made a debut with “The Dream Chapter: Star” in 2019. With their lovely vocals, hardcore performances, and heavenly visuals, they are setting the bar high for other K-pop groups.

Many people have been captivated by their steady vocals. TXT, a K-pop boy group, has accomplished so much in such a short period of time, and there is no stopping them. Their tunes, which range from bouncy pop to melancholy emo, are exactly what Gen Z has been waiting for. Last year they became the first Korean group to ever perform at Lollapalooza! The audience truly loved their energy and enjoyed their strong performances. They were trending on Twitter with more than 1 million tweets worldwide. If you missed their iconic performance, watch it below!

With this iconic performance, they became the first K-pop group to perform at Lollapalooza which is an American Music Festival in Chicago. And to add more feathers to their hat, this year Tomorrow by Together is going to headline Lollapalooza! Sounds crazy, right? But you know what’s crazier? TXT is the first K-pop group to headline Lollapalooza!


In an interview with Consequence, TXT sat down and talked about how far they have come. Though the artists are doing incredibly well since their debut, let us get to know the moments when they felt their popularity and surreal moments! The sudden change from theatres to Arenas showed the impact and huge popularity of TXT. In theatres, the number of people was 6,400, and in AT&T Centre it was 19,000. From 6400 to 19000, the craze and love of MOAs are real! The leader of TXT, Soobin said “I can feel that there are literally more MOA in numbers, right in front of my eyes. The scale is bigger — I think it’s flashier.”

Upgraded venues and headlining Lollapalooza, Tomorrow by Together surely has come a long way! The 4th Gen, stars are incredibly talented and hardworking. Their patience and hard work are surely not going to waste. They will keep reaching greater heights and enormous levels of success! The Good Boys have gone Bad, but their music is always superior! Dear TOMORROW X TOGETHER, keep making great music and spreading your love and charms worldwide. Fighting!

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