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Where To Watch One Piece Film Red In US

Where To Watch One Piece Film Red In US

Where To Watch One Piece Film Red In US? Where to watch one piece film red? Since its release, the latest installment in the One Piece film series, One Piece Film Red, has done nothing but break box office records. The update has been devoured by fans in Japan and a handful of other countries. It appears that One Piece has set a release date for the film in the United States, so fans in the Americas can plan ahead.

Plot Of One Piece Film Red (No Spoilers)

One Piece Film: Red

Uta, the greatest diva in the world, performs her first live concert and comes out to the public in this tale, which takes place on the “Island of Music,” Elegia. Uta’s “otherworldly” voice has attracted a worldwide audience, including the Straw Hats, pirates, Marines, and fans from all over the world. However, the shocking news that Uta is actually Shanks’ daughter sets the tone for the entire event.

The infamous Straw Hat Pirates make their way to Elegia for a concert by a new pop star named Uta. Following the performance of “New Genesis” as Uta’s opening number, Luffy takes the stage to reunite with her and reveal that the two of them know each other because Uta is the daughter of “Red-Haired” Shanks. After meeting each other on Dawn Island 12 years ago, Shanks eventually returned without her, saying she had left to look for a career as a singer. This is going to be the basic plot of one piece film Red.

Cast Of One Piece Film Red

CharactersJapanese Voice ActorsEnglish Voice Actors
Monkey D. LuffyMayumi TanakaColleen Clinkenbeard
Roronoa ZoroKazuya NakaiChristopher R. Sabat
NamiAkemi OkamuraLuci Christian
UsoppKappei YamaguchiSonny Strait
SanjiHiroaki HirataEric Vale
Tony Tony ChopperIkue ŌtaniBrina Palencia
Nico RobinYuriko YamaguchiStephanie Young
FrankyKazuki YaoPatrick Seitz
BrookChōIan Sinclair
JinbeKatsuhisa HōkiDaniel Baugh
ShanksShūichi IkedaBrandon Potter
UtaKaori Nazuka
Ado (singing voice)
Amanda Lee
GordonKenjiro TsudaJim Foronda
EboshiYuki YamadaOrion Pitts
HanagasaSoshinaDallas Reid
KaginoteSeiyaJosh Martin
RomyChise NiitsuMegan Shipman
YoruekaYuki KajiJustin Briner
Sunny-kunHouko KuwashimaLisa Ortiz
Benn BeckmanAruno TaharaSean Hennigan
Lucky RouxJin DomonJohn Burgmeier
YasoppMichitaka KobayashiJeff Johnson
LimejuiceKenichi OnoJessie James Grelle
Bonk PunchKotaro NakamuraJosh Martin
MonsterBin ShimadaJ. Paul Slavens
Building SnakeIssei FutamataAaron Roberts
HongoHikaru MidorikawaRicco Fajardo
Howling GabJouji NakataJ. Paul Slavens
Trafalgar LawHiroshi KamiyaMatthew Mercer
BartolomeoShowtaro MorikuboTyson Rinehart
KobyMika DoiMicah Solusod
HelmeppoKōichi NaganoMike McFarland
MomongaShinichiro OhtaKent Williams
IsshoIkuya SawakiCharles C. Campbell
BorsalinoRyōtarō OkiayuRay Hurd
CharlosChafurinJason Kane
NarratorMahito OhbaBill Jenkins
Chart For All The Voice Actors Of One Piece Film Red Full Movie

When Did One Piece Film: Red released in Japan?

The film will debut in Japan well before it does anywhere else in the world, as is the norm for anime. On August 6, 2022, theaters and IMAX screens in Japan will begin showing One Piece Film: Red to audiences.

One Piece Film Red US & Other Country Release Date

The United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand will all be able to see One Piece Film: Red come Autumn of 2022. You can see for yourself below that today we were given precise dates for those and other new time zones:

●    U.S – Nov. 4, 2022

●    Canada – Nov. 4, 2022

●    Australia – Nov. 3, 2022

●    New Zealand – Nov. 3, 2022

●    Austria – Oct. 13, 2022

●    Germany – Oct. 13, 2022

Watch One Piece Film: Red Online

Within a week and a half of its release, the newest One Piece film had become the highest-grossing film in the franchise, as reported by Crunchyroll. The film opened in Japanese theaters on August 6, and it made nearly $53 million in its first 10 days.

FAQ On One Piece Film Red US Release Date

Is One Piece Film: Red on Netflix?

The streaming giant has a huge library of TV shows and movies, but “One Piece Film: Red” isn’t among them. Other dark fantasy films like “The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf” are highly recommended for our readers.

Where To Watch One Piece Film Red In US?

The Most Popular and Most Viewed Top The best streaming movies, according to IMDb. Movies from 123movies can be viewed here offline via download or streaming. If you want to watch One Piece Film: Red (2022) online for free, 123Movies is your best bet. We think 123Movies is the best alternative to Solarmovie.

Is ‘One Piece Film: Red’ available on HBO Max?

One Piece Film: Red is now available to watch on HBO Max, a relatively new streaming service. If you’re a member of HBO, you can stream One Piece Film: Red on HBO Max. If you are not already a member, you can sign up for a free trial of one month and cancel at any time during that period.

Is One Piece Film: Red on Crunchyroll?

The North American distribution rights have been purchased by Crunchyroll and will be handled by Funimation. Therefore, we advise our audience to search for the film on the streaming service in the coming months. Dark fantasy shows like “One Piece Film: Red” are also available to subscribers in the meantime.

Is One Piece Film: Red Online Available On Hulu?

Many people have expressed interest in watching the new series Smile on Hulu. Hulu does not provide any of the episodes from this series for free streaming at this time, so this is unfortunately out of the question. It will only be available on the MTV channel, which is available through cable or satellite TV packages. It won’t be available on Hulu or any other free service.

Is One Piece Film: Red on Funimation?

Since Funimation, like Crunchyroll, owns the rights to the film, it is possible that the movie will soon be available on the Funimation website. While waiting, you can watch other anime like “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – The Movie: Mugen Train” online.

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